Steel Business

As a core trading company of NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION group, we provide the comprehensive service from the procurement of raw materials for steel making to the delivery of steel products to the customer.

Domestic and global sales network

Steel Division transacts many types of steel products made by NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION, one of the world leading steel manufacturer, and its group companies. We provide many customers with these products by making use of the domestic and global sales network built through the long-term business partnership.
Focusing the energy on our customer oriented sales, we will strengthen our function and ability to grasp the diversifying and advancing customers’ requirement timely, and to resolve it properly. Entering the steel market deeply and sharing the strategy with the steel manufacturers, we invest our resources to the growing category which the demand is expected to increase, and we pursue the creation of value-added distribution in the steel business.

Providing the comprehensive service

By making use of the processing and distributing facilities such as steel processing center which cover all of Japan as well as a network that spreads overseas, we build up the service organization to deliver the steel products such as steel sheet, steel pipes, section steels and construction materials, in order to meet the customers’ requirement such as pressing, cutting and machining.
Regarding the raw materials business, we actively secure the stable and diverse supply sources worldwide to provide the raw materials such as coking coals, steel scrap, ferro-alloys.
Regarding the machinery business, we contribute the steel manufactures for their stable steel production by providing them with many types of the products such as steel-making machinery, rolls and machinery parts.

Major Products

  • ・Steel Sheet(Hot Rolled Coils, Cold Rolled Coils, Coated Steel Sheets, Plates, Electrical Steel Sheets, Tinplate and others)
  • ・Steel Pipes and Tubes(Seamless Pipe and Tubes, Welded Pipes and Tubes, Large-Diameter Pipes, Pipes for Piling, Fitting and others)
  • ・Structural Steel (Rails, Section Steel, Wide Flange Shapes, Light H Shapes, Steel Sheet Piles, Reinforcing Bars, and others)
  • ・Rods and Bars(Bars, Wire Rods, Bar in coils, Cold Finished Steel Bars, Welding Materials, and others)
  • ・Construction Materials(Steel Sheet Piles, Structural Materials for Civil Engineering and Construction, and others)
  • ・Other types of steel products, Stainless Steel, Titanium
  • ・Raw Materials(Coking Coal, Coke, Pig Iron, Steel Scrap, Ferro-Alloys, Blast-furnace slag, Heavy Oil, Oil Products, LPG and others)
  • ・Machinery(Steel-making machinery, Machine Tools, Metal Processing Machinery, Machinery Parts, Rolls and others)