Industrial Supply & Infrastructure

This division creates new businesses by developing a wide variety of business fields and products with growth potential such as industrial machinery, infrastructure business, and materials.

Providing a varied product lineup

The Industrial Supply & Infrastructure Division offers a wide variety of products with growth potential such as machinery, cast and forged steel products, precision products, railway cars, automotive parts and other industrial equipment, industrial park management, electric power supply in its infrastructure business, as well as materials such as nonferrous metals and carbon fiber. These products have high synergy and unlimited potential to create new businesses and markets.
We help customers address business issues by leveraging our extensive experience in different fields to gather information, plan projects, procure equipment and materials, and find new buyers. We also provide comprehensive support services as an organizer including partner selection and fund-raising.

Unique sales system based on specialization

The Industrial Supply & Infrastructure Division has established its own sales systems on the back of a high level of expertise in each product field. In the industrial machinery field it handles items ranging from machinery and equipment for iron and steel manufacturers to general industrial machinery; it also has a maintenance system in addition to a sales system.

The division has also ventured into fields that are closer to finished products such as cast and forged steel products and high-precision products. In the infrastructure field it has operating and selling industrial parks and running an electricity business. In the materials field it handles everything from aluminum raw materials to finished products and has ventured into the development and sale of new materials such as carbon fiber and silicon alloy products.