Textile Business

This Textiles Division is evolving as a manufacturing trade company engaged in everything from materials development to product planning, production, and distribution, centering on OEM production for apparel makers

A global OEM

The Textiles Division has evolved as a global OEM manufacturer, not as a traditional trading company, in its functions. Outside Japan it has established and maintains production centers and a distribution network across China and ASEAN countries. In Japan it is attempting to rebuild its domestic production system.

Striving to provide integrated services from the development and procurement of materials to product planning, production, and distribution, we are striving to enhance our comprehensive planning and proposal capabilities to meet market needs and to strengthen our functions as a group company and as a manufacturing trade company.

Providing total solutions

The Textiles Division is strengthening its ability to offer total solutions from materials development to product planning, production, and distribution in the areas of ladies’ clothing, men’s clothing, functional clothing, and home fashion, centering on its OEM production business for apparel makers.

The Division procures the most suitable materials from around the world and makes use of sewing centers across Japan, China, and ASEAN countries to supply high-quality textile products.

The Division has also established a supply chain management system for ascertaining everything from the status of material procurement to sales in stores and sharing information by connecting production bases and distribution centers and the head office and stores into a network

Major Products

  • ・Raw cotton
  • ・Yarn
  • ・Woven and knitted textiles
  • ・Outerwear and innerwear for men, women and children
  • ・Infant’s wear
  • ・School uniforms
  • ・Sportswear
  • ・Workwear
  • ・Sleepwear
  • ・Interior goods
  • ・Accessories and others